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We provide high quality, one to one care for the elderly and those with long term illnesses, this could include but is not limited to home visitation as well as live-in care.

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We are a team of specialists whom have come together to provide Adult Care in a very special way; combining the use of technology we are going to provide optional; ipads, simple digital phones to our patients so that we can act like their Google and SIRI. We shall talk to them on a daily basis, therefore starting this journey of reducing their feeling of loneliness.

We will take it upon our self to find out about their like’s and dis-likes and provide tailored needs.

As far as care is concerned, once they let us know about their needs it will prompt our teams Scheduling Manager to initiate a visit to the persons home, in order to assess their personal needs and draw up a fit-for-purpose Care Plan for them. 


What do carers do? A carer comes to your house and stays with you to offer you care, companionship, and support so you may have a higher quality of life while improving your health outcomes. This could all be for a daily scheduled set time or around the clock,  whilst remaining in the place you love most, your own home. Your expert caregiver will provide a variety of services in the comfort of your own home, including:

Personal care discreetly and sensitively

This may involve care and support for you or your loved ones, such as washing and dressing, as well as self-esteem-enhancing components, such as having your nails or hair done.

Meal planning and cooking

Your live-in caregiver will prepare and serve meals based on your preferences, dietary requirements, and nutritional needs, all at a convenient time.

Companionship when and however you require it

Our caregivers will provide company while maintaining your privacy. We connect you with a caregiver who shares your interests, making life more fascinating, exciting, and pleasurable while supporting your emotional and psychological needs.

Medication management and administration

Our experienced caregivers are trained in medication administration and use an electronic medication management system to guarantee that all drugs are administered proactively and successfully.

Household responsibilities

This involves light cleaning and vacuuming to maintain the same cleanliness and tidiness as before.

Secure mobility within and around the house

Our professional advice on what equipment can aid increase safe movement and mobility around your home while reducing the risk of falling. Our team is in a good position to make recommendations for home adjustments to help you live more comfortably at home.


We can provide a variety staffing solutions from emergency shift, temporary to permanent solutions.


All our staff are very experienced, qualified, fully trained and also speak a vast array of languages.


We can provide assistance with day to day tasks, respite care, sit-in service, waking night support and live in care.


Managing the Staff



Our care company office is based within our own Therapy Clinic, where we have our office and can conduct consultations and meet with you at a mutually agreeable time.

You are more than welcome to get in touch via the contact us tab or call us directly to book an initial consultation.

Generally price is dependant on the local area. West London starts at approx £19/hour upwards, but we are surely willing to provide a good package price if more hours are required.

Yes this can also be arranged. Once the initial assessment is done and contract signed we will introduce you to a suitable carer that you can trial and see if is suitable for you and if so then can continue or try an alternative, depending on availability and competence.

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