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What is live in care, and what do live in carers do?

A live in carer can carry out a wide range of domestic tasks like preparing meals, running errands, completing household chores and administering medication. They make it possible for individuals in need of care to remain safe, clean and comfortable in their homes. We will determine these tasks and routines together during your home care assessment. They will be based around your personal requirements and what matters most to you.

The everyday services that a carer might provide include, but are not limited to:

Personalised support

Help around the home

Enabling independence

Why is live in care different?

Moving to a new home is a stress for anyone, even at the best of times. Couple that with moving into residential care – with set routines, set meals and set visiting times – and it can become a real strain and disruption to a person’s life.

Having a carer means you can keep the same daily routines, and friends and family can continue to visit as they normally do. With a spare room in your home, your live-in carer will be there to support you each day, as much or as little as you like and according to what matters to you most.

Not all home care providers offer a regulated service. In fact, many live in care agencies simply introduce you to a carer, meaning that you’ll need to manage their pay, arrange cover for their breaks, holidays or if they’re ill, and handle any appraisals or concerns yourself.
With Better Life Care, we manage all of this – and more – for you. This includes regular reviews of your support plan, carer supervisions and extra training as and when needed. If your care needs change, we also have an extensive network of clinical carers who offer more complex care support.

Our network of clinical carers have experience with parkinsons care, multiple sclerosis care, palliative care, stroke care, mental health care and so many more forms of complex care – all of which we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission to provide.

Live-in home care is available for adults of all ages, from the age of 18 and up. A residential care home is not the only option.
With private care, you can continue to live in the place you know and love.

Peace of mind for the elderly

For an elderly relative or friend, a carer can become a huge source of support, especially for someone who is frail or regularly experiencing falls. More than just home help, a live at home carer for the elderly offers families with extra reassurance that someone is there to cook regular meals, administer medication, on-hand in an emergency and also to offer ongoing companionship.

Someone living with dementia

If your loved one is living with dementia, the daily support of a familiar face is crucial in easing anxiety and any challenging behaviours. Your dedicated carer will work for weeks at a time before taking time off, with a regular relief carer who you will get to know too.

With an extensive team of dementia specialists, we can also offer tips for managing various behaviours associated with dementia. Our focus is on understanding the causes and adjusting support, whether it’s using visual prompts for people and rooms, specific tips for mealtimes and rewarding activities such as creating a life story book. And as a member of the Dementia Action Alliance, we’re always looking to provide the best support we can for those with different types of dementia.

We can provide this practical support In the form of

We can provide carers who are fluent in native languages and where English is not the mother tongue as we have carers who are fluent in Punjabi, Urdu, Swahili and a number of other languages.
We understand everyone’s situation is not the same and therefore we personalise the above care services to either provide some or all of them according to your requirements.
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