Care Beside You


Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to ‘enable people to live later life well’ by inspiring the best care and wellbeing at every stage of later life.

Without dignity, identity is erased

Laura Hillenbrand


We are a team of specialists whom have come together to provide Adult Care in a very special way; combining the use of technology we are going to provide optional; ipads, simple digital phones to our patients so that we can act like their Google and SIRI. We shall talk to them on a daily basis, therefore starting this journey of reducing their feeling of loneliness.

We will take it upon our self to find out about their like’s and dis-likes and provide tailored needs.

As far as care is concerned, once they let us know about their needs it will prompt our teams Scheduling Manager to initiate a visit to the persons home, in order to assess their personal needs and draw up a fit-for-purpose Care Plan for them. 

Please take a moment without reading too much further

You have totally lost your memory, how do you feel?

Difficult to fathom, well, maybe a visual below may help you to try to understand what it may look like…….

Seeing a family member go through dementia feels like you have lost a part of you in someone and the more it becomes evident that you are but an erased thought, it truly puts you in a test about human identity. Watching a person who taught you about the highest standards of hygiene, now not being able to understand when they urinate or defecate themselves teaches you that human condition is extremely fragile and vulnerable to change within moments, without prior notice.

We are nothing but a collection of memories with an ability to recall the past, enjoy the present and plan the future, but imagine if that faculty had been taken away from you, 

how would you feel? OR, imagine if you still have your memory, but the ability to enjoy the present has been over-ridden by dis-comfort, pain, loneliness, then the only joy you may have is the thoughts of the past, right? Why do you think elderly people always love to sit and share their past stories with you, it helps them re-live those moments that are now but a distant thought.

According to the CDC, did you know that loneliness is associated with 50% increase in chance of dementia, 29% increased rate of heart disease and a 32% increased chance of a stroke. 

Each member of our team has been directly affected in one way or another, hence decided to pool our competencies together in order to make a difference in the world. If we can-not eradicate Dementia from the root, then the least we can do is help minimise the chances by helping to lower the feeling of loneliness from the elderly. 

We decided to combine basic, simple to use technology to ensure we are in touch with the elderly and their needs on a daily basis. A daily call or just a listening ear may seem like a little, but actually can make the world of difference to a person who has no one to talk to.

If we take a moment just to think, all these online technologies have revolutionised the way in which the young consume items. Tech companies are able to collect large amounts of data of our likes and dis-likes and in doing so gauge our needs and thereafter use digital cookies to track and provide multiple solutions to us. This cycle is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, you get into problems, you ask Google for a solution; Google provides you with a perfect solution every time and we buy in to it. Sometimes it is through data learning like Google and at times through the use of influencers. 

What about people aged 65+, which companies are focussing their efforts on their needs? Not half as many. Who is thinking about just talking to them for 20 minutes a day, which may minimise the impact of loneliness hence dementia, depression, heart disease?